My liberal friends post memes like this

My conservative friends post memes like this

These were actually both in my feed this morning!

What's wrong with these? Well, more than I want to address here. Is there any truth to each? Some, though I would say that each is a lie since each only contain a morsel of truth.

It is a common complaint that discourse in our country has reached vitriolic lows. Most of the time it's the same people who post these meme's who complain. The meme's always have a common form, leave out any nuisance in the situation to best create a caricature of the people involved, so they're easy to tear down.

Maybe we should care about the truth; which would mean we care about representing reality as it actually exists. Maybe we should spend more time understanding our opponents' positions.

Most of our current political discourse is just name calling and fear mongering. It's tempting to want to share garbage like that above. It's easy. It's hard work to dig deep into why our neighbors think differently than we do, but it's necessary work if we want to build bridges that might actually be crossed over.

Here's to conversations and social media posts that show the respect for the dignity of others. Here's to hoping for the best in others and taking the time to understand them before "strawmaning" them. Here's to impassioned disagreements based on a robust reality. Here's to a more civil future.

Thanks for reading.