Below is a painting by Pablo Picasso named, in English, The Pigeon with Peas. It and five other paintings were stolen from The Modern Art Museum of the city of Paris on May 19, 2010. Their value was around $123M.

If you pay attention (or are French) you might remember this story.

It turns out there were three people involved in the theft. Identified as Vrejan T, a 43-year-old 'art lover', nicknamed Spiderman, Jean-Michel C, a 56-year-old Paris art dealer and Jonathan B, a 34-year-old watch repairer. There are many facets of interest to the story, but the one that always sticks with me is of Jonathan B's actions.

About a year after the theft police made arrests of Vrejan T and Jean-Michel C. This caused Jonathan B to panic and he destroyed the canvases and threw them in the garbage.

The thief selfishly threw $123M worth of precious art into the garbage because he was afraid of getting caught. This doesn't surprise me at all given what I know about us humans.

I'm tempted to draw analogies into the world of software creation, but I think I'll just leave this one open ended.

Pretty crazy. Priceless art. In the garbage. So a watch repairmen could 'cya'.